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And the Ranged Pirate Looks the exact same except a small gun.

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After beating 14 normal battles and one mini boss , you reach the boss! Hes a giant pirate captain, with a normal pirate captain look. And a Peg Leg. And a cannon for an arm and holds a sword in the other. If you bring in a melee, it's useless against him. He slowly shoots every 4 seconds a troop within 8 tiles, and does 3 tiles of splash. Also, you have to beat him to win. No King Tower, no Arena Towers, just a boss. The only tower you have is a King Tower, already on defense.

Damage: for cannon, infinite for sword. DPS: for cannonball, infinite for spinning sword. Ability 2: Summons 3 pairs for each pirates for a lane. In other words, 3 Pirates and 3 Ranged Pirates per lane. You are to fight the Decapitator Tribe in a Jungle Arena match, at tournament level. Fortunately, the Decapitator Tribe only uses these specially modified Executioners, and Elixir generation is otherwise normal. You'll be fighting them at tournament rules. They use "Bronze" Versions of troops that have same stats as a "Regular" troop that's one level higher.

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  • Bronze Giant, Bronze Mini P. The Mega P. The enemy has no crown towers and the Mega P. Instantly turns all enemies within a 3-tile radius of the Mega P. A's side. These Wizards have the same HP and DPH as a regular Wizard except that they move at a slow movespeed and have a hit speed of 1second instead. She uses this ability everytime it takes damage. The Inferno Tower or Inferno Dragon will not be able to do tier 3 damage against her but they can still charge up to tier 2 damage.

    Golden Troops including Mega P. In this match, your towers are rigged to be destroyed once the game timer reaches zero unless otherwise destroyed by enemy forces , causing you to instantly lose if that happens. And you start these matches with 50 seconds - not a lot of time, considering the enemy is likely to make their first play only after about 15 seconds. Your goal is to destroy the enemy's King Tower, which is the only way to stop the timer from ending your attempt. Fortunately, Elixir generation is increased.

    However, by playing in a way that appeals to the crowd, you will gain additional time so that your towers can last longer against the timer. There are several ways to increase the timer:. You play at tournament standards, while your opponent may have a higher level than you level 10 or Also, the later opponents use cards that are less likely to be countered with a positive Elixir trade in your favor. Can you beat the clock? She enters the battle with one gang already.

    Her regular dash has the same sound and takes a second to charge just like the Regular Bandit's dash but she can insta-kill anyone with her dash attack. Her ultimate move is a her sneaky rush attack. If you hear her Evil Laugh, you must stun her or knock her back or else she'll rush straight to your King's Tower. She laughs first then she charges for 1. The laugh actually takes up one second so you have a 2.

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    She'll attempt to do this three times during the boss fight, once every 10 seconds. He summons 3 Lvl 9 Furnaces behind him that does not decay over time. That's 2 Levels above tourney Level!!! He does this once only and as soon as his King's Tower is destroyed. They're clumped together so you can take care of them using Rocket.

    If it reaches HP, it will fill its side of the Arena with spawners as well as summon 1 of each troop card, mirror it, clone it and rage it. Steal the Show - You have to win the crowd over to win the game. The only win condition is the number of people in the crowd you've wowed; if you win more people over than your opponent does, you win the game. There are spectators in the crowd so you'll have to win over at least of them.

    When the match starts, the spectators will not show any allegiance. There are several ways to win over the crowd:.

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    You play at Tournament level while your opponent can be up to 3 levels higher. While your opponent may have the advantage, you'll definitely have a crowd boost: performing the above actions will win you more spectators while having those actions happen to you will lose you less people.

    The Controller - A boss entity that defines boss, not in gaming terms but in work terms perfectly well. Instead of fighting against you, he fights with you. Not directly as in Clan Battles, but indirectly by providing you with free cards every once in a while. Your deck has already been picked by the Controller before the start of a match.

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    The Controller also gives you additional free cards which cost no Elixir to play every once in a while. So you'd think this would make the fight much easier, right? Not so much. The Controller has his own demands and you must comply to those demands unless you wish to face his wrath. Not complying to his demands will mean that he will penalize you using certain means.

    He could harm your own towers and units using neutral spells spells that don't belong to anyone , remove Elixir off your Elixir bar or even go as far as support an enemy push to punish you for the error of your ways. If you fail to comply, the Controller can do one of the below things.

    Repeating the offence multiple times in the same match will result in his punishments being more severe. So is the Controller a friend or foe? Depends on how you play really. Even if he forces you to rework your playstyle, can you defeat your opponent? Transcendantal Terror - an extremely powerful unit that has colossal health and damage. He may appear in special challenge battles in the story, once the opponent is clearly seen to be disadvantaged, in an attempt to turn the tides in their favor and prolong the battle. He appears as a white and gold warrior with a Barbarian King-like build.

    He wields a glowing sword which can slice through multiple enemies at once, as well as air units.

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    However, he cannot hit both ground and air at the same time. Even though he is melee, he is capable of carrying the enemy's attack forward. The Transcendantal Terror has multiple levels. The first time he appears, he is considered to be level 1. He will stay that way until he is defeated in battle in other words, he won't level up if the match ends without him being defeated, but you do not have to win the battle to see him level up. He has a total of 20 levels.

    Merely by defeating him, you gain a gold and card bonus. If you manage to defeat him at level 20 for the first time, you will be greatly rewarded, and he will reappear at level 20, for which subsequent defeats of him still offer bonuses. Imagine that Will character from Pirates of the Caribbiean except his hair, mustache and beard are darker, he has a red bandana, hes shorter and is in the Clash Royale cartoon style, has a light red cape, 2 gold gauntlets he wears on his hands, and that's it.

    Well, he sent the Goblin Government to nuke your whole kingdom The Royal Kingdom with a bunch of upgraded rockets, made all your allies turn into your enemies, and made The Red Kingdom go against you. Sparrow's dad began to suffer from depression, and dark part ahead had dozens of unsuccessful attempts to commit suicide. Sparrow's dad met Sparrow's mom, and they began to date.

    But Sparrow thought the exact opposite, Sparrow said from what details he heard, Grandpa was a criminal, a murderer, and was abusive in everyway imaginable. So when the conflict seemed like it was going to get threatening, his dad packed his bags, and left.

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    • Sparrow got out of the house successfully, and there was a beautifiul cherry blossom tree his mother planted when he was born. So Sparrow looked at it Then noticed something strange. Sparrow went to get a closer look, and realized it was a noose But saw something, like a big bag, attached to it. It had been hanging by a neck area.

      Finally, when Sparrow became 34, he tricked everyone into believing a royal figure who died recently, was killed by the king you. So everyone blew into a fit of rage.

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      And they did. After this whole journey, and going against revamped, and more battles in the Legendary Arena, you reach the final boss, Sparrow. He was watching you through the whole journey, and you finally saw him in person, in the king's throne, watching the whole tournament. So Sparrow jumps down, ready for a duel.