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And if you listen carefully and act right away, it's absolutely free! Our Business is People. Well, People and Trout. Welcome to Pools and Riffles outfitters, where the guides are as unique as the service. Does the Mushroom Love Its Plucker? Or does it loathe that enraptured human touch? An earthy tale of fungal romance, fully consummated. To wit: No racing, no exceeding, no catch-and-releasing.

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And other lofty ideas that pop into one's head and refuse to leave. Bill Gifford Bill Gifford. A native of Washington, D. He lives in Mount Gretna, Pennsylvania. Their bikes are beaters, the heat is infernal, la dysenterie is inevitable, and every year the locals get shown up by European interlopers looking to find an exotic thrill. Postal and Lance, but make no mistake: Ultimately he pedals for the pride of his country, the violent and tumultuous Andean nation of Colombia Gate Crasher Bode Miller has everything you could want in a World Cup ski racer.

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He's fast, fearless, and frequently out of control. He can drink like a sailor and swear like a snowboarder, and he's got the talent to take it all from those grim Austrian cyborgs.

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Most amazing, he's American. Can we make this guy a hero already? But then the race began-and all hell broke loose. A front-line report from the wildest, bumpiest game in the wilderness. Mark Jenkins. Outside Reconnaissance Agent Mark Jenkins is a critically acclaimed author, internationally recognized adventurer and columnist for Outside. For the past six years, Jenkins' column, "The Hard Way," has explored the meaning and joy of the physical outdoor life. From clandestine journeys across Tibet to mountaineering in Bolivia to sea kayaking around Turkey's Gallipoli peninsula to canyoneering in Australia, Jenkins covers the globe in search of adventure, history and human understanding.

Mark Jenkins vowed to do what no one had done for nearly 60 years-travel the entire Burma Road-and discovered the madness of present-day Myanmar. Switzerland: The Haute Route Watch your step on this spectacular journey through the Alps, or you just might fall off the edge. The Unguided Route Awhile back I was on a travel panel in Berkeley with Richard Bangs, author, adventurer, and founder of Sobek, one of the first and most successful adventure-travel outfitters Are We Not Men?

Give it up, cut it out, travel light - because nobody wants to be a pack mule. You need what this guy is selling! Then it caught up. Captain Retro Is time traveler Tim Severin the greatest living explorer? Probably-but you'll never get him to admit it. Aerial Maneuvers Pilot an ultralight and what do you get? A bird's-eye view of the world and a dose of the maverick spirit of flying.

Freewheeling Welcome to Ghana, where commuting is a nightmare-and optimism is a bright-yellow bike of one's own Leap Year Travel is one thing. But uprooting your family and moving abroad is a much deeper plunge into adventure. Fire and Ice A journey to the cradle of climbing reveals a strange new alpine environment, where glaciers are melting, mountains are falling, and nothing is as it was Head Trip Sometimes the toughest climb is out of your mind and into your own animal skin Aron Ralston - Between a Rock and the Hardest Place What happens when a solitary day hike turns into the ultimate test of survival?

Hot on the Trail Australia's first great adventure was part Lewis and Clark, part Donner Party-searing proof that fame is a four-letter word Misery Loves Company In hour mountain-bike races, riders bond over singletrack and sleep deprivation.

What's not to like? Beyond Belief In Bhutan's pristine alpine sanctuary, even a heathen climber can see the light Up the Creek Canoeing the jungles of South America, where freedom is a family affair Learning Curves The process is the point. But just try telling that to your younger, untutored, world-conquering self. Unbroken Chain Every adventurer knows those magical moments when it all flows-and those wretched times when it won't I Know Where I'm Going On getting lost, GPS, and a farewell to maps The Stone Mirage For two credulous seekers, dreaming of the lost big-wall treasure of the Sierra Madre Occidental is better than the real thing Suffering a Sea Change Who knows best the cost of rowing solo across the Atlantic?

She who finishes last. Split Decisions When the weather turns ugly and conditions get rough, every mountaineer must make the ultimate choice: storm the summit, or call it quits. A Modest Proposal Looking for adventure? It's right outside your door. Winter to the Corps The marines' mountain warfare training center is the ultimate test for some of the world's toughest troops: a make-it-or-leave regimen of backcountry ski combat, torturous night maneuvers, and deadly cold.

Any volunteers? Seismic Shift He was packing for a trek through roughest Afghanistan when the world shook. Sometimes adventure has to wait. King of the Dirtbags Going core with Yvon Chouinard-leery capitalist, walking contradiction That's Entertainment Scenes from the Gorge Games, and looking for the new face of adventure World of Hurt Injury, pain, the psychology of recovery, and getting back on the trail Better Shape Up Once a nation of adventure-athletes, America is getting fatter by the day. Temple of Zoom A speed ascent of a Grand Canyon spire proves that light is right Bleeding Hearts Of baboon lust, ibex ballets, and the necessity of the African wolf.


The Universal Guide to Hitchhiking Time was, you could crisscross America with nothing but a rucksack and a thumb. You still can, if you know how. The Hard Way Halfway up Ben Nevis, splayed against hollow ice like a cat clinging to a curtain blown out the window of a skyscraper, I realize that falling is out of the question. Spin the Globe and Go Why travel to remote places?

Why bother with the hassle, the expense, the danger? Because it's actually cheap, intoxicating, and easy. Voyage Between the Wars Some peaceful recreation on a journey from Gallipoli to Troy, where the echoes of war never die Companions in Misery A cold mountain, a mismatched pair, and a meditation on the strange chemistry of partnership Breathless Heights If you want to get high, there's still a price to be paid for invading the towering ranges-despite some newfangled shortcuts Give 'Em Enough Rope Has this tired old world been explored-out?

Not Down Under, where uncharted, bottomless slot canyons hide just west of Sydney.

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  7. Testosterone Alfresco Once a year, the adventurous Jenkins boys will be boys, reforging the bonds of brotherly affection by nearly killing themselves The Shaggy Tremendous Shape An outsized wilderness lives on in mythic dreams and salvaged hope Instant Karma Take three travelers, a nation of Buddhists, and one unfortunate rodent. Add a forbidden journey and a dark childhood secret, and you could have the time of your lives. Tombstone White The treacherous history of the Matterhorn can be read in books and snowy graveyards, but to write it you've got to survive it Crossing to Safety From beginning to middle to end and back again, one adventure leads to another.

    So hold tight-it's a long ride Truth or Consequences Does wildnerness therapy help troubled kids? After a gang of teenagers staged a violent mutiny in the badlands of Utah, we joined the search for answers.

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    Confessions of a Solo Climber A partner drops out, one thing leads to another, and suddenly our hero finds that peer pressure has him fighting for his life An Un-American Activity What gets the equivalent of 1, miles per gallon, doesn't pollute, will save the world, and transports you in breezy style? Your bike First and Last Ascents The rules there are only three of them remain the same for a lifetime, and they come from the mouths of babes A Storm in the Distance The come-on: Grab two hours of challenging fun and fast adventure.

    But when a dark wall of water swept away lives and reputations, the question became: Why? Burma or Bust A half-mad dash to Hkakabo Razi seemed like a good idea at the time. And hey, how tough can it be to sneak past the Chinese Army? Sebastian Junger is fascinated with "extreme situations and people at the edges of things," and his expertise in covering dangerous work across the globe has garnered him the National Magazine Award for Reporting. The author of The Perfect Storm and Fire , Junger has traveled the world in his pursuit of covering life on the edge.

    He's worked as a special correspondent in Afghanistan, reported on the LURD besiegement of Monrovia in Liberia, human rights abuses in Sierra Leone, war crimes in Kosovo, the peacekeeping mission in Cypress, wildfire in the American West, guerilla war in Afghanistan, and hostage-taking in Kashmir. He has also worked as a freelance radio correspondent during the war in Bosnia. Junger is a native New Englander and a graduate of Wesleyan University. After a chainsaw injury he suffered while working as a high-climber for tree-removal companies, Junger switched gears to focus on journalism, primarily writing about people with dangerous jobs, from fire fighting to offshore drilling to commercial fishing, which led to his feature in Outside entitled, "The Storm," which led to the international best seller The Perfect Storm.

    The Whale Hunters The world wants them to stop, but it's the trade of their grandfathers.

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    With a harpoon and their wits, they ply the waters of the Caribbean in search of their ton prey. And when they're gone, it all goes with them. Going to the Source He was almost everything a year-old boy thought he wanted to become. A fixture of Midwestern wit and humor for over 30 years, Garrison Keillor has contributed articles to Outside on the virtues of warm boots and the appeal of the outdoor life. Born in Anoka, Minnesota, in and a graduate of the University of Minnesota, Keillor has spent most of his professional life on the radio.

    His live music and drama show, "A Prairie Home Companion," celebrated its 30th anniversary in , and is heard by four million listeners each Saturday night on over public radio stations. Keillor is the author of numerous novels and essays that draw heavily from his Midwestern roots, including his most recent book on politics, Homegrown Democrat He also writes regularly for Time , Salon.

    Keillor is most famous for stories about his fictionalized Minnesota hometown, Lake Woebegon, whose residents embody America's quirky rural values. At the conclusion of each broadcast of "A Prairie Home Companion," Keillor launches into the "News from Lake Woebegon," a rambling monologue on the lives of the town's stoic, phlegmatic families that regular listeners know like their neighbors. Books by Jon Krakauer. Born in Crovallis, Oregon, Krakauer graduated from Hampshire College and then spent his time as a carpenter and commercial salmon fisherman in locales such as Colorado and Alaska before pursuing a career as a journalist.

    In May Krakauer joined an expedition to summit Mt. A storm blanketed the peak after they successfully reached the summit.


    And on the descent, four of five of Krakauer's teammates died. An analysis of the calamity that he wrote for Outside received the National Magazine Award for Reporting in He is also the author of the Outside feature "Death of an Innocent," the tragic tale of Chris McCandless, which later expanded into the book Into the Wild. He is also the author of Eiger Dreams and most recently, Under the Banner of Heaven , an examination of the nature of religious passion through the lens of Mormon Fundamentalism.

    You can find stories by Jon Krakauer on Byliner. Outside 's Review of Into the Wild. Born in in New York City, Peter Matthiessen courted a literary life from an early age-graduating from Yale University in and immediately joining The Paris Review as a founding editor. A novelist and a writer of natural history, he is best known for his explorations of the hidden parts of the globe through both imagined characters and his own journalistic adventures. For Outside , Matthiessen offered his view on the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in a February article by traveling through the disputed region to discover what really is there.

    He also sought out one of the world's largest terrestrial predators, the Bengal tigers of India, for a story in In addition to his novels, which include At Play in the Fields of the Lord , Matthiessen's parallel career as a naturalist and adventurer has led to several thoughtful and influential books about the precarious position of the natural world.