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Lunar dates are here given as a month number followed by a day number. For example 01m15d refers to the first month, fifteenth day.

Solar festival stories are blocked at the end of the list. This section contains the plots of some commonly performed traditional Chinese operas, which nearly always also turn out to be love stories. Most of the stories, which come from many different periods and sources, are widely circulated outside of the world of theatre, and the operatic versions, like modern film adaptations of famous stories, obviously seek to optimize opportunities for theatrical moments: mourning, battling, scheming, and so on, a process which often involves small modifications to the stories.

This is not a complete catalog of classical opera plots, of course. But all of them are quite famous, and indeed many of the characters in them are so well known that Microsoft's Chinese character input system correctly identified many of the names as I was typing them in, producing the correct characters with no need of further editing. I have completely retold the stories here, based on their theatrical versions. In the interest of being concise and coherent, I have freely modified potential contradictions and have added to the list from time to time, but my earliest and still main source was:.

For theatrical purposes, most of these stories have standard Chinese titles, which are given here after the links. It is in the nature of myths that they are told and retold through the ages, and that they therefore do not necessarily have a definitive form, and the earliest known version is not necessarily the most widely told.

Many versions contradict each other, and sometimes characters appear in more than one myth in ways that are difficult to weave into a unified story. In these retellings I have tried to follow the most broadly told version, to keep the stories reasonably coherent, and to note major variations. They are listed more or less in the order in which the incidents in them are imagined to have taken place.

Click here for a summary of Periods of Chinese History. Chinese war stories tend to be set in the distant past and to glorify clever acts of deception over brute force or even bravery. Perhaps consonant with this, and in contrast to much European tradition, Chinese as represented in these stories believe it is better to live to fight another day than to die to avoid compromising one's principles.

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There is also an unrelenting drumbeat on the theme of loyalty. In subtler retellings than the short versions here, conflicting loyalties can potentially be a significant source of psychological character development. The stories here are arranged in historical order, more or less, and correspond with periods cathected by Chinese in recent centuries as times of great derring-do.

Most of these stories have a locus classicus. Few people read it there, however. Throughout history most people have heard this story told orally, seen it as a play, or read it in a potted retelling.

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Most modern Chinese have probably read it in a version for children. The goal of this page being folklore rather than history, and recognizing the variation in retellings that therefore occurs, in most cases I have completely retold the stories here, using multiple sources. Amar Chitra Katha was the first publication to combine the comics art style with ancient Indian stories. Anant Pai, our founder-editor, wanted to acquaint Indian children with their heritage.

He believed that it would help develop self esteem. The first 10 ACKs were European fairytales! Have you used this product?

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