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I had never read any of his mysteries but grabbed the free download of this book and am thoroughly enjoying it. I will be reading more of the cases of Ed Noon. Somehow the notion of brininging Michael Avalone back into print srikes me asrthe literary equivalent of bringing back the Osmonds.

Michael Avallone

Thanks, much, for still caring…. Your email address will not be published. I hope the next few weeks bring all of you peace and joy, two things very much in short supply on this poor globe of ours. October 8, - The past couple of weeks have been the most fun and surreal of my life.

But now, a week after my last appearance, all can be revealed. During that Wednesday's taping, I was one of the last contestants to be called up. I played the game against Erica and Stephanie, both very sharp women, and Erica was the returning champion. It was a hard-fought game, which I ended up After I won that show, there as a scramble among the producers and me, since I had to fly back to L. Going back and appearing in the studio as a "Jeopardy!

Reviews of books…and occasional other stuff.

And again, thanks to Mona, here's that show:. It was a good, strong show, but alas, all good things do come to an end, and I did not return as a "Jeopardy! But it was a wonderful, unique and incredible experience, and at some point, I intend to write an e-book about my exploits. But the real highlight of the summer had to be something that I've dreamed of doing for quite some time, and which came true. In addition to being a writer and a lover of history, I'm also a trivia geek, and my wife and I love watching the game show "Jeopardy!

I've taken the test before with no results, and decided to give it a try again. The online test consists of 50 questions, with just a few seconds for each question. I took the test and a number of weeks later, I got an e-mail saying I had passed the test, and I was invited to attend an audition at the Boston Sheraton. So I got dressed up and went to Boston, and in a small audience of other folks, took yet another 50 question test, talked to the contestant coordinators, and played a practice game.

When we left, we were told that about , people take the online test. From there, 2, past the test and are invited to the audition.

Rough Edges: The Return of Ed Noon (and Michael Avallone)

The producers of "Jeopardy! We were also told that "Jeopardy! I flew out to L. So how was it? Extremely fun and surreal.

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I mean, it's a heck of a rush to stand on the actual Sony sound stage where "Jeopardy! But it was an extraordinary, fulfilling experience, and I expect in the next month or two, I'll write a novella about my experiences and put it up on Kindle and Nook. Speaking of self-publishing, I also had the second book of my "Empire of the North" series, called "The Noble Prisoner", published last month. It's a treat to see these works available to my readers.

Once again, the cover art for this edition is by the extraordinarily talented Jeroen ten Berge, who's done all of my e-books, and if you'd like to order "The Noble Prisoner" from Amazon, do click here. In addition, I've been busy with short stories and other projects, and I thank you again for visiting.

June 19, - Today I took a huge jump in becoming more active in self-publishing, a huge experiment I believe will pay off in the end. Last year I completed something entirely different for me, a post-apocalytpic science fiction novel that could be read by both adults and young adults. The novel reached almost pages, but after lots of writing, re-writing and editing, I was basically told to put the novel aside, that it was unsaleable.

I brooded for a while over that, and with the continuous explosion of authors publishing their own works on either Amazon or Barnes and Noble, I decided to for the first time self-publish an original work. It takes place a few hundred years in the future, after an event called the War of the World decimated humanity and cast most of the Earth back to 19th century technology.

In North America, there's only one industrial civilization, the Empire of the Nunavit, which arose from a place once called Canada. From this empire comes Sire Armand de la Couture, a young, pampered noble, who travels south in an airship with his father the Minister of Trade to visit a city-state called Potomick, once the capitol of a long-dead empire called Amerka.

While in Potomick, Armand visits a temple where a bearded figure sits in a chair. He's known as Father Abram, a leader who once freed the slaves, and who is an inspiration to those who live in Potomick. When Armand travels back to his home empire, he's filled with questions about his own society, questions that will upend everything he knows, and which will put his life in danger. I expanded the original manuscript and broke it into three books, what I'm calling my Empire of the North series. The cover art for this edition is by the extraordinarily talented Jeroen ten Berge, who's done all of my e-books, and if you'd like to order "The Noble Warrior" from Amazon, do click here.

May 26, - As we in the United States commemorate Memorial Day, I'm very pleased to announce that one of my most favorite novels is now available in both the Amazon and Nook e-book formats. This thriller was one of the easiest novels I've ever written about four months, which is extraordinary and is one of my favorites. I've gotten a fair number of e-mails from Vietnam-era veterans over the years who found this novel moving, and I cherished each one of their messages. It's a novel that means a lot to me, and I hope those of you have never read it, now take this opportunity to do so.

Or if you use the Nook, do click here. Work continues on a number of writing projects, and I hope to give a more thorough update very soon indeed. But I can honestly say this convention was a life-changing experience. It was in , and at the time, I was a high school senior in New Hampshire, and a serious science fiction fan. This was way pre-Internet times, and the chances of my parents allowing me to drive to Boston by myself was nil. I also had hopes of someday becoming a writer.

I also knew the chances of me going to Boskone was also pretty nil. But I saw an ad in the Boston Globe advertising a special family getaway deal on the same weekend as Boskone, and God bless my parents, they agreed to go and take me and my seven-year-old brother. I literally counted down the days until the convention weekend. Boskone took place at the Sheraton in downtown Boston, and I know it's hard to believe, but this was the first time I had ever stayed at hotel. After getting settled in and God bless my parents again they gave me free rein to hang out at the convention over the weekend by myself.

That Friday evening, I remember just wandering around with a silly grin on my face. I had been an enthusiastic but solitary SF fan, and it was just so intoxicating to be among hundreds of other fans for the very first time in my life. I also saw authors among the mix Hal Clement! Ben Bova! Lester del Rey!

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After attending a couple of panels, going to the art gallery and the area where books and collectibles were being sold, I found myself at a pool party in the hotel. I looked at his nametag and said, "You're David Gerrold! I literally could not believe it was happening. He checked the time and said he was going to dinner with his friend Larry and Larry's wife, Fuzzy Pink. Would I like to join them? If it was possible to have a coronary when you're 17, I'm sure I would have keeled over right there. We had a lengthy dinner at the Sheraton's restaurant I ordered the cheapest thing on the menu, a hamburger patty and there were lots of laughs as the evening progressed.

There was talk of SF, of movies, television, and a hilarious re-make of "King Kong" that caused a nearby dining couple to come by and congratulate Larry and David on their ideas. I still couldn't believe that I was there, and that David, Larry and Marilyn were so kind and gracious to someone they had just met. Throughout that whole dinner, I was treated as an equal, as a soon-to-be peer, and I knew then and there, I really wanted to be a writer.

I also knew that at some point, I was going to have a novel published, and that I would dedicate it to David and Larry in remembrance of this extraordinary evening. Over the convention weekend, I went to many panels, ran into Larry Niven and David Gerrold again, and at the ongoing film festival, a trailer for an unknown movie called "Star Wars" was shown, to cheers and applause. Then, alas, the convention came to an end on Sunday. I ran into David one more time, he autographed a copy of his latest novel for me "Moonstar Odyssey" and slipped his business card into it. And then it was time to go home, and the next day, it was back to being a solitary fan at high school.

College beckoned and so did journalism, and although my love of SF never went away, I quickly became less active in fandom.

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  8. Becoming a published author took longer than I imagined, but I kept at it, and never gave up. And sure enough, the frontpiece for my fifth novel "Buried Dreams" says, "Dedicated with thanks to the authors Larry Niven and David Gerrold who in once told a young man he, too, could be a writer some day. Oh, one more thing. If I turn around in my office chair and look at the bookshelf behind me, there's my autographed copy of "Moonstar Odyssey," with David Gerrold's business card still inside.

    February 12, - What a strange winter we've had here in New Hampshire.

    About five or so weeks before the start of Spring hurray! This New Year has started off with a bang with a new novel of mine being in final edits before being sent off to my agent, a couple of projects coming to fruition, and outlining and plotting going on for the next Lewis Cole novel.

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    In the home life, our new boy Spencer is adjusting fairly well to our household, though he still tugs at the leash like he's trying to haul a wagon or something, and he still barks and whirls like a dervish when we visit the vet. But he still has a sweet, playful soul, and we're happy to have him.