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If you look back at the list of key words at the top of the page, you'll find that altogether listed as a key word. Altogether is our key word. Now, what operation will we have to perform to get the answer to this problem? John had 15 books on his bookshelf. How many books did John have left that were not slobbered on? If you look back at the list of key words at the top of the page, you'll find that left is listed as a key word.

Left is our key word. This problem is a subtraction problem. How will this problem look? We know we'll be subtracting 15 — 4, because those were the two numbers mentioned in the problem. Dan is getting ready to go to a concert. He wants to figure out how many people will be there.

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He knows that there are rows of seats, and each row has 40 seats in it. How many seats are there in the concert hall in all?

Intro to GMAT Word Problems, Part 1: Translating from Word to Math

If you look back at the list of key words at the top of the page, you'll find that in all is listed as a key word. In all is our key word. We choose multiplication because we see the keyword in all, but also because it makes sense. Essentially this may be seen as an addition problem, which is why the keyword is also in the addition section, but since the adding of the rows would all be the same, we can multiply to make the process faster.

This problem is a multiplication problem. We would use x 40 because we decided that this is a multiplication problem. Our final answer is that there are 10, seats at the concert Dan is attending. Three friends go out to dinner. They want to split the bill evenly between the three of them.

How much will each person pay?

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If you look back at the list of key words at the top of the page, you'll find that split evenly is listed as a key word. Evenly is our key word.

This problem is a division problem. What would our equation be? When we divide, we get an answer of 9. We want to round it to the nearest cent, which is the hundredths place after the decimal. We see that that number is already a 9, and a 6 after it means round up. Carly is making a dress.

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She needs 1 yard of yellow fabric, 1. How much will she spend in all if she buys just enough fabric to make her dress? Ignore tax in your calculations. Click Next Step for the first part of the solution. In order to figure out how much each piece of fabric costs, we need to multiply the price by the amount she needs to get a total.

Word Problems on Division | Examples on Word Problems Involving Division

She needs 1. Now, we have three money amounts one for each color fabric that we can now add together to get a total amount that Carly will spend. We know that we have to add these amounts together, like this:. John is planning to carpet three rooms in his house. One room is 15 by 12 feet, one room is 17 by 14 feet, and the last room is 10 by 12 feet.

Errors made with word problems

There were some candles on a cake. Jake blew four of them out to leave three of them burning. How many candles were burning at the start? Seven grapes are in a bowl. Four are red and the rest are white. How many white grapes are in the bowl?

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Being able to solve each type of problem described above requires students to master the vocabulary of addition and subtraction. Solving word problems both relies on and develops reading and language skills. Be aware of your children's reading level and use the opportunity to build these skills as you work and discuss the problems. Help your children to identify and comprehend the key words and terms within a problem. The table below contains just a few examples. Allow your children as much time and give support and encouragement to help them interpret the problem.

Work with them to understand the problem and determine the arithmetic operation required so that it can be translated into an addition or subtraction equation. Be precise when discussing problems and look out for problems that are poorly worded. How many do they have altogether? How many console games do they have altogether? Students look for verbal clues when solving word problems. Look out for problems where these words suggest the opposite of what they usually do.

How many players were on the Red Team. Asking students to do, or answer, the following helps identify which type of error they are making:. The two worksheets below have lots of word problems. Work through them with your children and provide help with vocabulary when needed.

Mixed 3rd grade word problems

Addition and Subtraction Word Problems - 14 Types! Four more ducks land on the pond. How many ducks are there now? Jake blew three of them out. How many were left burning? How many grapes are in the bowl? How many more games does Jack have?

OR Sam has three games and Jack has seven games. How many fewer games does Sam have? Sam has three games.